We are both brilliant
and  creative.

Also, very humble.

We are a specialized task force of creatives who have teamed up to bring brilliant and cohesive branding to artists, businesses, and non-profits. There are individuals, then there is Brilliant Creative. We are the artists for the artist.

Meet Our Fearless Leaders


Aaron Brown


Power Ups

  • goldenGoldenEye
  • mastserMix Master
  • axeAxe Shredder

Matt Shelton


Power Ups

  • bennyBenny the Jet
  • vinylWax Poet
  • philosophyPhilosophiser

Buffalo Smith


Power Ups

  • mystery Man of Mystery
  • buffaloBuffalo Chaser
  • homeLives at home

Kate Farrar


Power Ups

  • rebelYour only hope
  • dogDog Whisperer
  • booksSpeed Reader

A few of our radical clients

A few of our radical clients

sony benfolds universal gateway colbie wilco fob essential lone tooth

"They are our first call, no matter the job!"

Troy Vest, VP Essential Artist Services

"We work exclusively with Brilliant Creative."

Brad Jackson, President Jackson Ampworks

"Their efficiency, excellence, and integrity exceeded our expectations!"

Matt LaBorde, Ministry Coordinator Gateway Church

"They have an uncanny ability to take it to the next level."

Davy Baysinger, SloSpeak Records

"They took my vague ideas and created something unique and beautiful!"

Emily Vescovi, Recording Artist

Join the ranks and let's get brilliant!